The Joshua Harris Revolution

I was really surprised at the number of people who have adopted Joshua Harris theory following the success of his book, I kissed Dating good bye. I can happily say I am not one of them because the title alone put me off and I have gone on to read reviews. Just because a theory works for him doesn’t mean it will work for the rest of us. Added to that he uses the old fashioned  word (which I absolutely hate and can’t believe I am going to type now) Courtship! I am all for old fashioned ideas when it comes to marriage but this is the 21st century, you can’t go out with someone with the purpose of marrying them straight away. How can you understand the opposite sex if you don’t go out on dates, I am not saying be a serial dater. But you do need to know via the dating process if someone is the ‘one’, you can’t just go on a first date and then start planning the wedding when you get home. I mean what do you really know about this person, no wander some marriages are in trouble, the couples never got to know the opposite sex properly. Going on dates is a like a journey into the marriage, you get to tick the boxes, you know what you want and won’t put up with, in other words it prepares you for Miss/Mr Right, you will definitely know if it is the real ‘deal’.

And I am so glad that that two Authors/Christian counsellors agree with me. They have written a book based on real experiences following counselling sessions and their own personal experiences. Joshua Harris should stick to his marriage and stop trying to convert the rest of us to his ‘doctrine’ because it is not real life, otherwise I would have been married by now with 4 kids! Before I forgot the book is: Boundaries in Dating by Townsend & McCloud.

If anyone has read Harris book, this will be a good book to use for comparisons, then just maybe, the Harris movement will have a change of heart.

Peace out.


About dee

I am a Christian from South London, England, very passionate about healthy eating and lifestyle. I am not into fad diet, I cook from stratch, as I love wholesome and nutritious food. My hobbies & interests are watching tv, going to the cinema, reading, listening to music, baking, roller blading, cooking, socialising.
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