The cheek of some people

I got a shock recently, some one ‘confessed’ to me that they were seeing another woman’s boyfriend. They went as far as admitting they knew before hand but just didn’t care cos she really likes the guy!! She didn’t really tell about the situation at the initial stage just that there was a guy she was newly dating and that she really likes, she was always checking her phone, waiting for his text, when they were going to meet, blah, blah. I was like ‘oh that is nice, early stages and that sort of thing until a few weeks later when she told me it was complicated – he has a girlfriend. Fact of the matter is that her ‘secret’ is common knowledge at work cos she will tell anyone who cares to listen about her private life.


If there is one thing I am wary of at work is discussing my business, my colleagues don’t even know how old I am I just play coy. At the end of the day it is really no one’s business how old I am! The reason I am cautious is the fact that I don’t want to be the topic of the office when I am away on leave, etc.  I digress, sorry back to this woman who thinks it is cool to see someone’s else man, she said she knows people will judge her but it is not really their business! If that is the case why tell the whole world and his brother about her ‘love life’?


Which brings the question, is ok to have an affair? It doesn’t take a genius to know that it is wrong yet the ‘trend’ is on the rise because people don’t want to be on their own. They way they are only having fun that it is just a fling,  ‘no one will be get hurt’ as they know where they both stand – no attachments, etc. Well I beg to defer because we are human beings at some point one person will start developing deep feelings for the other one and this is where it gets messy because it is one side. Then what happens, the one with the feelings ends up getting hurt!! So what started off as fun is no longer the case!! This now brings me back to the real life situation, she was bending my eye this week saying he is treating her badly that she is hurting. I just said ‘oh really, that is some men for you, can’t live with them, can’t live without them’. I couldn’t really think of anything to say without been judgemental or making her feel worse than she already is. She wants another man ASAP, I was thinking to myself, hang on why don’t wait and enjoy singleness then the right one will come along. I guess some people can’t stand been alone and will always settle for second best.


Unfortunately, there are some Christians in this category, dating unbelievers because there are no available Christian singles!! FYI, we have Jesus he was single, he should be our role model besides he is our bridegroom and there is the Holy Spirit who lives inside, we are his temple. I am not ashamed to say that I have not been on a date in over 20 years, yes it means I have not held hands or done any of those romantic things dating people do, etc. For me it means when my Mr Right comes along it will be fabulous, he will cherish/respect/treat me right, etc.

Have a Happy New year.



About dee

I am a Christian from South London, England, very passionate about healthy eating and lifestyle. I am not into fad diet, I cook from stratch, as I love wholesome and nutritious food. My hobbies & interests are watching tv, going to the cinema, reading, listening to music, baking, roller blading, cooking, socialising.
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